3 days / 40+ speakers
12 workshops

May 17-19, 2017 | Vilnius, Lithuania
Oracle, UK

Chris Saxon

I’m Chris Saxon, an Oracle Developer Advocate for SQL. My job is to help you get the best out of the Oracle Database and have fun with SQL! To help you with this I blog at All Things SQL. I also create videos combining SQL and magic on YouTube at The Magic of SQL.

If you have questions about working with Oracle technology, please reach out to me. You can do this via Twitter or on Ask Tom.


SQL Magic

In this fun session you’ll see SQL used in new and exciting ways. Chris will perform SQL “magic tricks” including:

  • Sawing the Query in Half: starting with a normal query, Chris will split it into smaller and smaller chunks that somehow all give the same result!
  • Find the Card: After getting an audience member to choose a “card” (row) from a “deck” (table), Chris will find it by making it float to the top of the table.
  • The Magically Changing Data Type: watch as a number changes to a date and back again!

But unlike real magicians, he’ll show you how the tricks work. This will enable you to perform your own “SQL magic” and build better Oracle Database applications.
This session is for developers and DBAs looking to expand their SQL skills. It highlights features that are new to 12c as well as little used existing options.