3 days / 40+ speakers
12 workshops

May 17-19, 2017 | Vilnius, Lithuania
Teradata, Netherlands

Natalino Busa

Chief Data Scientist, Enterprise Data Architect, public speaker on Data Science, A.I., Big Data Technologies and O’Reilly author on distributed computing and machine learning. Natalino is Head of Data Science at Teradata, where he leads the definition, design and implementation of data-driven financial applications. He has served as Enterprise Data Architect at ING in the Netherlands, focusing on fraud prevention/detection, SoC, cybersecurity, customer experience, and core banking processes.


Sightseeing, venues, and friends: Predictive analytics with Python Scikit and Cassandra

Which venues have similar visiting patterns? How can we detect when a user is on vacation? Can we predict which venues will be favorited by users by examining their friends’ preferences? Natalino Busa explains how these predictive analytics tasks can be accomplished by using Python, Scikit-Learn. Moving on, Natalino will hint at how to apply similar techniques to billions of events and users, using the Spark and Cassandra. Natalino will guide you through the world of geolocated pattern analysis with a mix of code, demos and cool visualizations.