DevDays Vilnius 2018


Stepan Suvorov

Studytube, The Netherlands


Stepan Suvorov is VP Engineering, JavaScript Evangelist, Angular lover.


MasterClass: All about Angular


JavaScript/Angular masterclass will consist of 3 parts:
– basic introduction and quick warmup for non-angular people
– advanced topics for angular developers
– Q&A workshop with real life projects


1. Quick start with Angular

    • Introduction into angular-cli
    • Component Implementation
    • Angular Template Syntax

2. Components, Directives, Pipes

    • Directives out of the box (ngIf, ngClass, ngFor..)
    • Nested components
    • @Input and @Output
    • Component life cycle
    • Content Projection (ng-content)
    • Create your own attribute directive
    • Pipes

3. Services and Dependency injection

    • Provider recipes
    • InjectionToken
    • Multiproviders
    • HTTPClient

4. Forms in Angular

    • ngModel and FormControl
    • Template-driven and Reactive forms
    • Validation
    • Async Validators
    • Custom Form Control

5. Navigation and Routing

    • Define app routes
    • State parameters
    • Nested states
    • Router Guards
    • Authorization
    • Named router outlets
    • Lazy loading and preloading strategies

6. Going deep

    • Change Detection
    • Structural Directives
    • Dynamic Components
    • Angular Elements
    • Angular entities in console

Target Audience

JavaScript developer who want to learn Angular fast or Angular developers who want to improve or structure their knowledge.

Level 2 – Intermediate material. Assumes knowledge and provides specific details about the topic.


Course Prerequisites

A personal computer (4GB+ RAM).