DevDays Europe 2022

Massimo Bonanni

Position: Microsoft Technical Trainer

Company: Microsoft

Country: Italy


Massimo is Microsoft Technical Trainer at Microsoft. He spends his time helping customers and partners to empower their Azure skills to achieve more and leverage the power of Azure in their solutions.

Massimo is also a technical speaker for local and international events and a user-group guy (he founded two user-groups in Italy and managed them for several years). He is also passionate about biking, reading, and dogs!!


An Introduction and the Most Important Services Provided by Azure

This workshop will cover fundamental concepts about Azure. We will start our journey beginning with the architectural components, and then we will discover fundamental services like Virtual Machines or Networking. After that, we will jump to the most important computing services like AppService, Container services, and serverless technologies and introduce some data services. Finally, we will finish the workshop by looking at Azure’s governance, monitoring, and cost management features.


Part 1: Fundamentals:

    • Azure Architectural components
    • Azure Portal
    • Azure Powershell and Azure CLI
    • Azure Resource Manager and ARM Templates

Part 2: Primary Services:

    • Virtual Machines
    • Virtual Network
    • Storage Account

Part 3: Compute and Data Services:

    • AppService
    • Container Services
    • Serverless
    • Data Services

Part 4: Governance, Monitor and Cost Management:

    • Governance
    • Azure Monitor
    • Cost Management

The main goal of this workshop is to introduce the Azure ecosystem, introducing the most important services and features exposed by the Microsoft cloud.

Target audience

The workshop is dedicated to those who don’t know Azure and want to learn the fundamental topics about it.

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