DevDays Vilnius 2019


May 21-23, 2019


David Wursteisen

Freelance, France


David helps companies to build betters products. In his free time, he works on distributed system and on building small mobile apps.


RxJava, RxJava 2, Reactor: State of the art of Reactive Streams on the JVM

RxJava is used on Android or in backend side thanks to Hystrix. RxJava 2 is now available and will be able to use the path build by the previous version. Pivotal promote Reactor that will be available in Spring Boot 2.

What is the differences between each of these implementations of the Reactive Streams? Why chose RxJava 2 over Reactor or over RxJava?

This conference talk will focus on the history of each implementation then will compare APIs, performances and use cases of these Reactive Streams.