DevDays Vilnius 2019


May 14-16, 2019

Pim Elshoff

Procurios, Netherlands

About Pim Elshoff

Like you, Pim is on a quest to do things a little bit better every time. As a scrum developer, he has extensive experience with solid coding, patient mentoring and tackling big projects using Domain Driven Design.

Presentations by Pim are always fun, engaging and conversational. But don’t fret; if you just want to listen and let others speak, it’ll be worth your time.

Pim has worked at Procurios since 2012 and has seen a multitude of fundraising, political party and other clients that all share a common goal: getting the very most out of their software.


A Practical Introduction to Domain Driven Design


More than just good code, DDD is about language. Language that your product owner and stake holders live. Language that your work must embody. Language your code should speak.

In this workshop we’ll learn how to make our code speak the language of our clients. We will gracefully evolve our understanding from nothing to something and learn to write code that radiates our understanding of the problem.

If you want to have better conversations, make more useful models and write better code, then this is the workshop for you.

Topics include:
* Out-of-the-box thinking and modelling
* Clean language essentials
* Matrushka doll design
* Lot’s and lot’s of DDD

Technical requirements

Bring a laptop with your own development environment that you are comfortable with.