DevDays Europe 2022

Eric Normand

Position: Chief Trainer

Company: LispCast LLC

Country: US


Eric Normand is an experienced functional programmer, trainer, speaker, and writer on all things FP. He started writing Lisp in 2000 and is now a Clojure expert, producing the most comprehensive suite of Clojure training material at He is the author of Grokking Simplicity. He has a popular Clojure newsletter and blog. You can find him speaking internationally at programming conferences.


A Fresh Look at Functional Programming

Functional programming is hard to define, especially as used in the industry. But if we take a practical approach and look at functional programming as a set of skills, we can begin to apply those skills immediately in any codebase. In this talk, you will learn the practical skills of functional programming that can complement your existing programming skills and improve your current codebase, regardless of the paradigm or language you use. Functional programming can give you more tools in your toolbox and make you a more effective developer with a deeper understanding of your code and new techniques for solving problems.

Session Keywords

🔑 Functional Programming
🔑 Software Design

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