DevDays Vilnius 2019


May 21-23, 2019


Erik Wendel

BEKK Consulting, Norway


Erik is UI development expert, having worked with some of the largest web frontends in Norway for the past five years. He is passionate about creating great products, building efficient teams and using the right tools for the job, all while continuously delivering value to the product. Erik is currently employed as a team lead at Norwegian Railways, trying to provide the smoothest digital experience possible to millions of train travelers.

He is profoundly interested in functional programming and a founder of Oslo Elm Meetup and Oslo Elm Day.


Reliable and Resilient Front Ends With Elm

Anyone who’s been responsible for the well-being of a large, modern web application are familiar with the many perils of JavaScript. Elm is a language built specifically from the ground up to build reliable web applications, while also providing a delightful experience for the developers.

Maintaining large JavaScript applications is everything but trivial. Staying (relatively) bug-free is vital for most large companies, and long test periods before every release just isn’t on the table in the world of continuous delivery. Elm was built to make web development both easier and more fun, but it also serves as an indispensable tool for anyone dedicated to incorporate a devops workflow.

In this talk you’ll see how Elm works and learn how to use it to build a web app. You will learn how it differs from a JavaScript-based stack, and finally how it may help your team in your journey towards agile heaven.


Building Reliable Web Apps With Elm And Typed Functional Programming

Elm is a typed, functional programming language that compiles to JavaScript. It’s famous for ensuring robust applications, and Elm’s wildly developer friendly compiler helps developers write elegant, long-lived and safe frontend code. It has recently started drawing widespread attention and is starting to position itself as something other compile-to-js languages hasn’t achieved yet – a viable alternative to JavaScript.

Elm utilizes a React-like rendering system, using a tree of pure view functions, while structuring its app using the so-called Elm architecture (which the Redux architecture is loosely based on). All data is immutable, of course, and the language supports fancy features such as algebraic data types, pattern matching and type inference.

Did this pique your interest? This workshop will get you started with Elm in no time. This includes a thorough explanation of syntax and semantics with comparison to JavaScript. The material also serves as an introduction to ML-style typed functional programming, and after this workshop you’ll be able to judge for yourself whether a language like Elm could ever replace JavaScript as our go-to tool for large-scale web development.