DevDays Europe 2019


May 14-16, 2019

Judy Rees

Freelancer, UK


Judy Rees is known worldwide as a practical implementer of Clean Language, and as the co-author of the bestselling book on the topic, “Clean Language: Revealing Metaphors and Opening Minds”. A former journalist and digital media executive based in London, UK, she works extensively with organisations, communities and teams – especially online groups – to help them work better together through more effective communication. She teaches practical Clean Language skills to Agile coaches and other business change agents worldwide.


Communicating In The Dragon Zone: Clean Language Essentials

Discover a precision inquiry framework which improves communication between diverse individuals. It works even you’re when exploring unknown unknowns in complex contexts, or bridging geographical and/or cultural distance. Even in this kind of “there be dragons!” zone, it strengthens relationships, increases transparency and encourages clarity, helping to create an environment where feedback, learning and development are inevitable.
This session is intended for anyone who works with people and want better results. Coaches, consultants and managers will find it especially useful.


Revealing Minds With Clean Language

Ever had problems with people understanding what you’re up to? It’s a constant challenge. Whether we’re communicating with executives, with customers or with other people, we need to be heard in order to deliver great work. But too often, they just don’t seem to get it, despite it being so obvious!!!

What if there was a different way of seeing the problem? Experience from fields as diverse as education, mediation and sales suggest that the key may be to say less, listen more, and to build a better model of the person’s world.

In this workshop, you’ll discover a precision inquiry framework to do that: Clean Language. It has been shown to be particularly useful in improving communication between diverse individuals in complex contexts. It strengthens relationships, increases transparency and encourages clarity.

You will learn the fundamentals and be ready to put them into action immediately. The session will include a number of exercises which both demonstrate the impact of the approach and provide specific patterns for listening, questioning and model-building which delegates can put into action immediately.

Created during the 1990s by the late David Grove, Clean Language is being used increasingly by Agile practitioners as a power-up for the ceremonies we know and love, such as stand-ups and retrospectives. It supports effective communication within teams and can also be used as a stand-alone coaching pattern.