DevDays Vilnius 2019


May 21-23, 2019


Manvel Saroyan

eyeo (Adblock Plus, Flattr),


Manvel Saroyan is an open source-minded web developer with 10+ year experience and with strong belief in openness of the web. At eyeo, he’s responsible for the Adblock Plus UI and Websites. Manvel is also a creator of Privacy Manager and Chromium Browser Automation.


Internationalization pain points

When it comes to Multilanguage website or project creation, the lack of complete standards for Internationalization implementation makes Framework, CMS and tools choice not a trivial task. Managing translations might become a pain in the ass if you don’t make it right from the beginning. Manvel is experienced in developing project that supports 80 different languages and helping to define process for management of the translation delivery process, so he is ready to share with you all the pain points.