DevDays Vilnius 2019


May 21-23, 2019


Michael Wiedeking

MATHEMA Software, Germany


Michael Wiedeking is a Java programmer of the first hour and one of Europe’s first Java Trainers. He is a co-founder of the JUG MeNue located in Nuremberg. But most of all, he “collects” programming languages and studies their design and implementation. Currently his writing his own JVM based language: Aalgola.


Functional Data Structures

Nowadays it seems to be a very good idea to use immutable data structures. How to implement an immutable linked list seems to be very straight forward. But what about other data structures like Maps, Arrays and Queues? This talk presents how to implement pure functional and persistent data structures, explains how they differ from their mutable counterparts (especially regarding their performance), and shows how to use object oriented features to make them as efficient as possible.