DevDays Europe 2022

Rik Marselis

Position: Principal Quality Consultant

Company: Sogeti

Country: The Netherlands


Rik Marselis is a principal quality consultant at Sogeti in the Netherlands. He is a well-appreciated presenter, trainer, author, consultant, and coach who supported many organizations and people in improving their quality engineering practice by providing useful tools & checklists, practical support, and having in-depth discussions. His presentations are always appreciated for their liveliness, his ability to keep the talks serious but light, and his use of practical examples with humorous comparisons.

Rik is an accredited trainer for TMAP, ISTQB, and TPI certification training courses, but also, he has created and delivered many bespoke workshops and training courses. For example, on Intelligent Machines and DevOps testing.

Rik is a fellow of Sogeti’s R&D network SogetiLabs. These R&D activities result in presentations, books, white-papers, articles, podcasts and blogs about IT in general and quality engineering in particular. In 2020 his latest book in the TMAP body of knowledge “Quality for DevOps teams” was presented.

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Quality Engineering for DevOps Teams

To continuously deliver IT systems at speed with a focus on business value, DevOps high-performance cross-functional IT delivery teams integrate quality engineering in their way of working.
Quality engineering is the new concept in achieving the right quality of IT systems. DevOps teams take joint responsibility to deliver IT systems with business value to their users.

By creating a Quality Engineering Strategy (using our practical Excel template) cross-functional DevOps teams consciously decide on which quality measures will support them to achieve built-in quality and build their IT system right the first time. This way testing will be focused on establishing confidence that the IT system will indeed deliver business value (instead of the “old” focus of testing on finding the problems and fixing them).

Our new VOICE model guides teams to align their activities with the business value that is pursued, and by measuring indicators, teams give the right information to stakeholders to establish their confidence that the IT delivery will actually result in business value for the customers.
Also, to be able to deliver quality at speed, for today’s teams it is crucial to benefit from automating activities, for example in a CI/CD pipeline, whereby people must remember that automation is not the goal but just a way to increase quality and speed.

In this presentation, the audience will learn why a broad view on quality engineering is important and how quality engineering can be implemented to achieve the right quality of IT products, the IT delivery process, and the people involved.

This presentation is based on our latest TMAP book “Quality for DevOps teams” (ISBN 978-90-75414-89-9) which supports high-performance cross-functional teams in implementing quality in their DevOps culture, with practical examples, useful knowledge, and some theoretical background.

Session Keywords

🔑 Quality Engineering
🔑 Quality Measures

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