DevDays Vilnius 2019


May 21-23, 2019


Steffen Bluemm

adorsys GmbH & Co KG,


Eager to design interactions between humans and computational systems to make the retrieval and consumption of information effortless, Steffen Bluemm joins projects internationally (e.g. France, Estonia, Japan) in a divers set of domains (media production, IT, interactive media, art). His main goal is to keep information interactive, approachable and – fun!


Prototyping the conversational experience

When designing conversational interfaces it is important to start prototyping as soon as possible. As conversational interfaces relinquish the ‘here is a button you should press’ attitude of GUIs, as well as from the command line expressiveness of early voice input systems (IVRs). On the other hand, the diversity of formulations future users will find for interacting with such a system in a clearly outlined and narrow scope will be impressive at least. To evaluate the scenarios and use-cases we UX designers came up with, it needs an easy, fast and robust testing procedure.
At adorsys we designed a low-fidelity prototyping system that helps test scenarios for conversation interfaces early in the design phase.