DevDays Vilnius 2019


May 21-23, 2019


Artem Nikitin

HERE Technologies, Germany


Now Artem is mostly working on CI, infrastructure and automation topics. He is an usual contributor to open source projects, AWS user since 2010 and Gopher since 2015.


Go implementation for Flatdata

Once in the past, routing team at HERE Technologies was in the situation when routing backend was in danger of failing SLA. It’s triggered a massive work to improve its performance. As a side effect of this work, was born: zero-copy memory-mapped data storage.
This talk will be about sharing an experience of creation of Go implementation for Flatdata: zero-copy memory-mapped data storage.
We will compare Go implementation with implementations for other languages. I will show in which cases Go has advantages compared to other languages and opposite cases (hi, generics!). We will look also at the performance aspect of different implementations.