DevDays Europe 2022

Christian Seifert

Position: Senior System Architect

Company: BetterDoc

Country: Germany


Christian Seifert has been busy writing software for almost 20 years. He is currently working as Senior System Architect at BetterDoc in Cologne, Germany where he helps to match patients needs with the right doctors.

Having experienced a wide range of projects and requirements he is constantly asking himself: How can we do things better and how can we keep having fun in what we’re doing even in stressful situations? Although originally fascinated by working with machines, these days he also enjoys interacting with people, trying to push software craftsmanship ideas and help other developers to realize their full potential.


The Hitchhikers Guide to the Software-Galaxy

As software developers we usually have a clear goal: Solving a problem using technology.

Reaching this goal however often turns out a lot more difficult in reality than in theory. Especially if we not only want to reach the goal but having on the way. The way to a successful software product or a brilliant system landscape isn’t a liner path from A to B but full of obstacles, diversions and other surprises.

One of the biggest challenges is made up by out fellow travelers. It could be so easy, if it weren’t for all those people who try to put us off track or covertly turn the signposts the other way.

Wouldn’t it be nive to have a travel guide that could explain all those little obstacles and offers some tips and tricks how to get to our destination easier, faster and without all that stress?

This talk will be that guide. We’ll take a look at our fellow travelers and answer the question: Who are they? What are their goals and their motivations? Only if we know the people with whom we spend day after day do we have change to really understand and empathize with them so that we end up with a real travel companion.

After that we’ll focus on ourselves: What do we need on our journey to master all those small and big challenges and get to our destination relaxed and happy?

So let’s pack our towel and get on our way – there is much to discover!

Session Keywords

🔑 Software Development
🔑 Personal Development
🔑 Software Industry

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