DevDays Europe 2022


Huseyin Babal

Hazelcast, Turkey


Practical Raft Consensus

In this session, Huseyin will talk about how Raft Consensus works in theory by supporting live diagrams. During this talk, he will also provide real-life use cases about Raft Consensus.

Session Keywords

🔑 Distributed Systems
🔑 Raft Consensus

Martin Förtsch

TNG Technology Consulting, Germany


Brain Computer Interfaces Demystified – Can Thoughts Take Over Control?

In this exciting and entertaining lecture, you will get an introduction to the world of mind control. The speakers will focus in particular on the deep learning techniques used in this application. The introduction of e.g. evolutionary strategies in the form of genetic algorithms for the optimization of artificial, neural networks round off the presentation.

Session Keywords

🔑 Brain Computer Interfaces
🔑 Genetic Algorithms
🔑 Data Science

Tom Ron, Israel


Acing the Code Assignment Interview – Tips for Interviewers and Candidates

It is a common practice nowadays to give candidates coding assignments as part of the interviews process. Besides solving the tasks you are asked for there are a few more things candidates can do to make their submission shine and impress the reviewers. The other side of this coin is creating a good assignment that will help the company assess the candidate and motivate the candidate so she will want to join your company.

In this talk, Tom will share tips that will help both parties ace this step of the interview process.

Session Keywords

🔑 Coding Interviews

Tomáš Votruba

Edukai, s. r. o., Czech Republic


How to Make Legacy Refactoring Fun Again – From Months to Minutes

Tomáš helps companies to refactor their huge legacy code in a couple of weeks. You can also switch frameworks, from PHP 5.3 to PHP 8.1, from Laravel to Symfony… anything possible in the programming language itself is possible.

In this session, Tomáš will show you how you can make your legacy code shine again!

Session Keywords

🔑 Automated Refactoring
🔑 Instant Upgrades

David Pilato

Elastic, France


Advanced (Elastic) Search for Your Legacy Application

This live coding talk will show you how to add Elasticsearch to your legacy application without changing all your current development habits. Your application will have suddenly have advanced search features, all without the need to write complex SQL code!

David will start from a Spring Boot/Postgresql based application and will add a complete integration of Elasticsearch, all live from the stage during his presentation.

Session Keywords

🔑 Search
🔑 Legacy
🔑 Live coding

Erwin Staal

Xpirit, The Netherlands


Database-Per-Tenant Architecture Using .Net Core and Azure SQL Database

Erwin will take you through how to set up a database-per-tenant architecture and application using .NET Core and Azure SQL Database. We will discuss how to manage the infrastructure, how to add a new tenant and therefore a new database, connect to a specific database, do cross-database reporting, and more.

Session Keywords

🔑 Azure
🔑 .NET Core

Johnny Hooyberghs

Involved, Belgium


What Is New in .Net 6 and the Future of .Net

In this session, Johnny will talk about what is new in the latest version of .NET and what the future will bring for the .NET platform in general. What is the difference between .NET Framework, .NET Core and .NET 6? Expect a number of new features and examples of those features.

Session Keywords

🔑 .NET 6
🔑 C# 10
🔑 Visual Studio

Jorge Ortiz-Fuentes

MongoDB, Spain


Bits and Pieces of a Great Architecture

In this talk, Jorge will give a very brief overview of the main pieces of great architecture for iOS applications that use SwiftUI, explaining how to split your code when you use the MVVM architectural design pattern. Then he will focus on 3 pieces that he believes can improve your architecture, explaining how and when they can be implemented.

Session Keywords

🔑 Architecture
🔑 Concurrency
🔑 Swift
🔑 iOS

Neil Stevenson

Hazelcast, UK


Build Your Own Scalable Relational Database

In this talk, Neil will look at how you can make your own and do all the usual stuff. Access by JDBC, run. SQL queries, triggers, stored procedures, change data capture. But this time we can scale capacity while in use, and for bonus fun run it all in the cloud. He will also include a link to a demo, written in Java using open-source tools.

Session Keywords

🔑 Databases

Nicolas Fränkel

Hazelcast, France


Evolving Your APIs, a Step-By-Step Approach

In this talk, Nicolas will first show you some tips and tricks to achieve that: moving your endpoints, deprecating them, monitoring who’s using them, and letting users know about the new endpoints. The talk is demo-based, and he will use the Apache APISIX project for it.

Session Keywords

🔑 Endpoints

More talks are yet to come!

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