DevDays Europe 2022


Giovanni Asproni

Launch Ventures, UK

Remote Mob Programming In a High Stakes Environment

In this talk Giovanni will share some lessons learned (warts and all) on how remote mob programming helped them achieve their very challenging goals, learning a lot in the process.

Session Keywords

🔑 Mob Programming
🔑 Agile

Jan Karremans

EnterpriseDB, The Netherlands

Riding the Second Wave – Open Source for Relational Databases

This presentation discusses the various “waves” we can observe in Open Source solutions and how they actually interact. Many of today’s disruptive developments are powered by Open Source solutions and by being fully aware of this, we can harness its power.

Join this talk and get more insight into the wonderful world of data storage, data processing, and information delivery!

Session Keywords

🔑 Open Source
🔑 Microservices
🔑 Postgres

Kyle Kotowick

Invicton Labs, Canada

The Boeing 737 MAX: When Humans and Technology Don’t Mix

This talk dives into the motivations for the design compromises, the human factors considerations that were disregarded, and how a Fortune 100 company’s prioritization of profit over good design practice led to its stunning fall from grace. The lessons learned are directly applicable to all kinds of developers, from web designers to hardware engineers.

Session Keywords

🔑 Human Factor
🔑 Safety
🔑 UX

PJ Hagerty

Mattermost, US

Urban Legends: What You Code Makes You Who You Are

This talk will take a look at misconceptions across the board, some experiences, both positive and negative, people have had crossing barriers to new languages, and show some of the benefits thinking of one’s self as a coder and not a “Ruby coder” or a “Elixir dev” can have on being a better problem solver.

Session Keywords

🔑 JavaScript
🔑 Ruby
🔑 Open Source vs Enterprise

Roy Derks

Hackteam, The Netherlands

Web Applications of the Future With TypeScript and GraphQL

This talk will show you how to leverage the TypeScript type system to help you create a type-safe application, all based on your data coming from GraphQL. If you’re working with React and either TypeScript or GraphQL, you’ll definitely want to combine them afterward.

Session Keywords

🔑 TypeScript
🔑 GraphQL
🔑 React

Frederieke Scheper

Ordina JTech, The Netherlands

Watch Out for Snakes! A Byte-Sized Introduction to Python

This session will give you a bite-sized introduction to the Python language, intended to entertain and perhaps even change a mind or two. Because Python is cool!

Session Keywords

🔑 Python
🔑 Java

Magda Stożek

SoftwareMill, Poland

Say Goodbye to Implicits – Contextual Abstractions in Scala 3

Scala 3 addresses a lot of the tricky bits in the language to make it clearer and easier to use, and luckily, implicits have also undergone a redesign. Well, to be precise… they’re gone. But in their place, we’re getting language constructs that do one thing and do it well. Please join this session in welcoming the new keywords: “given” and “using”, as well as context functions and extension methods. They’re the new kids on the block to define our contextual abstractions, and they’re here to make our code more expressive and easier to understand. Let’s see them in action.

Session Keywords

🔑 Scala
🔑 Implicit Context

Sebastiano Galazzo, Italy

Deep Dive on Creating a Photorealistic Talking Avatar

Creating a photorealistic avatar speaking any sentence starting from a written input text. Focusing on autoencoders, we will do a journey from the beginning (Of the speaker experience), mistakes, and tips learned along the path.

Session Keywords

🔑 Deep Learning
🔑 Computer Vision
🔑 Audio processing
🔑 Avatars

Stepan Suvorov

Studytube, The Netherlands

Scully Like an Alternative to Angular Universal

In this talk, Stepan will tell you what Scully is, compare it with SSR, and explain what is the best case for each tool.

Session Keywords

🔑 Angular
🔑 Scully

Alberto Salazar

Advance Latam, Ecuador

REACTIVE A New Hope! Learn From a Performance History

In this session, attendees will learn about a real-world evolution to reactive; we will be covering tips and tricks of an experience in evolving a Banking Application; Through the session, you are going to get tips, tricks, pros, cons, and the reasons for being involved on move forward to non-blocking application and present sample code and explain the security concerns on this evolution. We will be using snippets code based on JAVA, JWT, JWS, Auth0, Spring Boot, Reactor and Webflux deployed on Cloud.

Session Keywords

🔑 Java
🔑 Reactive
🔑 Microservices
🔑 Architecture

More talks are yet to come!

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