DevDays Europe 2021
Hybrid Edition


June 8-10


Vilnius and Online


James Birnie

Codurance Ltd, UK


What Does Great Architecture Look Like?

In this talk, James will explain what is really important about architecture, how to understand it, how to measure it and how to make sure it remains fit for purpose.

Session Keywords

🔑 Architecture
🔑 Agile

RBrian Vermeer

Snyk, The Netherlands


Stranger Danger: Finding Security Vulnerabilities Before They Find You!

This talk will use a sample application, Goof, which uses various vulnerable dependencies, which we will exploit as an attacker would. For each issue, we’ll explain why it happened, show its impact, and – most importantly – see how to avoid or fix it. We’ll live hack exploits like the classic struts vulnerability that recently made it famous, along with the Equifax hack, Spring Break and several others.

Session Keywords

🔑 Open Source
🔑 Security

Kyle Kotowick

Imperative Systems Inc., Canada


The Boeing 737 MAX: Human Factors in Complex Systems

The two fatal crashes of the Boeing 737 MAX have sent shock waves through the aerospace community, raising serious questions about design decisions and software algorithms used in the aircraft’s flight control systems. After 346 deaths, we have all been reminded of the importance of rigorous design processes and the need to engineer systems for the realities of the end users and their environment. This talk discusses the core principles of designing complex systems for users in high-risk environments and takes a deeper look at what may have gone wrong in Boeing’s process.

Session Keywords

🔑 Systems
🔑 design process

Martin Hinshelwood

naked Agility Limited, Scotland

Agile is Dead, and the Rise of Zombie Scrum

Agile is dead! Long live DevOps! Um.. ALM… um…

There has been a plethora of “agile is dead” of late posts yet the long list of failed agile that has caused it smell very little like agile. What was missing? Come and find out how to make a success of your agile project, and what will immediately spell disaster…

Paying lip service to a lexicon is no longer enough…

Focus: Zombie Scrum, one team

Session Keywords

🔑 Scrum
🔑 Processes
🔑 Failure

Jiri Holusa

Hazelcast, Czech Republic

Intel Optane DC and Java: Lessons Learned in Practice

Intel claims that Optane DC, non-volatile memory technology, brings affordable large capacity (even TBs and more) and support for data persistence keeping comparable speed to classic RAM. Imagine a RAM-like storage, but half the price and even persistent! That sounds amazing for in-memory computing platforms like Hazelcast. We decided to research the technology and then implement the support for it. How did it go?

Session Keywords

🔑 Java
🔑 Intel Optane
🔑 Big Data

Christian Seifert

BetterDoc, Germany

The Hitchhikers Guide to the Software-Galax

As software developers we usually have a clear goal: Solving a problem using technology.
Reaching this goal however often turns out a lot more difficult in reality than in theory. Especially if we not only want to reach the goal but having on the way. The way to a successful software product or a brilliant system landscape isn’t a liner path from A to B but full of obstacles, diversions and other surprises.

Session Keywords

🔑 Software Development
🔑 Personal Development
🔑 Software Industry

Yonatan Doron, Israel

Microinteractions: Little Things That Matter

Microinteractions are those little moments where design and code work together at their best. When used with care, they can even become signature moments, the way clapping for an article on Medium expresses the brand’s identity in a way that goes beyond any language or culture. In this talk, I’ll introduce the microinteraction at the abstract level, reveal its building blocks and show some concrete ways to understand and use them to create memorable, compelling interfaces.

Session Keywords

🔑 Frontend
🔑 User Experience
🔑 Vue
🔑 Web Development

Tobias Schröder

METRONOM GmbH, Germany

No Pain, No Gain: Using Clojure for Web Applications

Many of us are really into the paradigms of functional programming. Whether we like streams, mappings, pure functions or just the immutability of variables and objects. But can you use a modern functional programming language like Clojure for web applications? How does it feel when you write HTML with a functional language and which benefits is the backend going to have?

Session Keywords

🔑 Clojure
🔑 Web-app
🔑 Functional Programming

Akseli Virtanen

Frantic, Finland

What No-code Can Do for Developers

In this talk, Akseli wants to show how no-code is not an opposite force to “code”, and how the expanding set of tools and ways to enter the space, will benefit the whole profession of developers.

Session Keywords

🔑 No-Code Development

Kaarel Moppel

Cybertec PostgreSQL Consulting, Estonia

PostgreSQL – an Open Source Database as a Connector for Traditional, NoSQL and IoT Data Streams

PostgreSQL is an extremely mature RDBMS, with more than 20 years of global open-source development effort behind it. The question is how can one profit from that stability in today’s world of Cloud, IoT and Big Data? How to tie the knots between all those different platforms and data formats with minimal effort? PostgreSQL has an answer for that – Foreign Data Wrappers, based on the SQL/MED standard. 

Session Keywords

🔑 Databases
🔑 IoT

Elad Shechter, Israel

CSS Storytelling Architecture

CSS storytelling architecture. It is an imaginary story that represents the CSS, in a way that we can understand the CSS code nature, from direct reading of the CSS and / or the HTML. In this lecture Elad will talk about:

Project folder and file structure
Global Variable Definitions

Session Keywords

🔑 Architecture

Rowdy Rabouw

double-R webdevelopment, The Netherlands

PWA Fundamentals: Websites with Superpowers

The term Progressive Web Apps was already coined in 2015 and nowadays the browser support for it is excellent, so it’s really time to embrace it.
This talk brings you up to speed about the importance and benefits of turning your website or web app into a PWA and gives you practical information on how to do that.

Session Keywords

🔑 JavaScript
🔑 Offline

More talks are yet to come!

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