DevDays Europe 2022


Position: Principal Developer Advocate

Company: ‹div›RIOTS

Country: France


Principal Developer Advocate at ‹div›RIOTS – makers of Backlight, a Design Systems IDE built for Designers and Developers – m4dz is a curious animal. Former Frontend Dev, Devtools enthusiast, he has made the Developer eXperience (DX) his cherished topic. All the Web technologies are under his radar to get things ever simpler. His motto: “Developers are users just like you.” As a life-long dreamer, his favorite book will ever remain “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland”.


The Revenge of Static Builders

Shipping less to end-users isn’t an easy task. We have to make choices between features, design, accessibility, and performance. Well, we thought we did have to make those choices. But it’s less the developers’ responsibility than of their dev tools responsibility.

It’s time to get the control back on what we deliver to our users, ensuring them the best experience they may expect without sacrificing the tools we need, the framework we want, or the features we planned. It’s time for a new era, and Astro opens the path to it.

Astro is like a static site generator, but it doesn’t generate websites. It *builds* them, removing the useless client-side JS parts. Use whatever (J|T)S(X) framework you want, whatever library you’re comfortable with, whatever embedded tool you need. Forgot complex CSS-in-JS stuff. Focus on your skills, but ship plain old-style HTML and CSS to your users. No compromise, no deal-breaker. Just the best of the Web Performance, directly from your toolkit.

Let’s take our revenge on the 90’s 🚀

Session Keywords

🔑 Devtools
🔑 JAMStack

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