DevDays Vilnius 2019


May 21-23, 2019


Martin Andersen

Trustpilot, Denmark


Martin Andersen is a speaker, mentor, leader and evangelist for agile practices and microservice technologies. He seeks to help engineers maximize their potential, and the value they produce, promoting a pragmatic and open mindset to solving challenges, in the most agile way possible.

Martin is VP of Engineering at Trustpilot, an open online review community, with over 41 million reviews of more than 200.000 businesses. Trustpilot has been exclusively using cloud technologies for 7 years, and has been early adopter of microservices.


Serverless First

Cloud technologies has changed how we do software. We started using virtual machines in the cloud, then containers, and now serverless technologies. Components are becoming smaller and smaller. But why use serverless technologies when testing becomes harder, local development is not as easy anymore, and debugging becomes a quest?
At Trustpilot, we have an engineering principle called “Serverless First”. When deciding how to build something, we always want to consider, how we can leverage serverless technologies to help us. This talk will explain why we do that, and why we believe it enables us to scale, not only our systems, but also our organization.