DevDays Europe 2019


May 14-16, 2019

Peter Verhas

EPAM Systems, Switzerland


Peter Verhas is Java expert, developer, architect, author, speaker, teacher and a mentor. Currently, Peter works on different customer projects on behalf of EPAM systems as a developer, architect, and technical mentor. He works with Packt publishing writing and reviewing books, creating tutorials. Peter maintains and develops many open source projects and has a blog regularly republished by Dzone and Java Code Geeks. Peter has past experience with JavaScript, Python, C and going back in time even FORTRAN and assembly were still not extinct at the start of my career.

— TOPIC #1 —

Prevent Hacking with Modules in Java 9

Before Java 9 there was a lot of room to do tricky things mainly using reflection. Some of these possibilities were even considered as security holes. With the advent of Java 9, the module systems close these secret doors in Java runtime library and also allows library developers to do the same for their libraries.
The presentation will demonstrate some shocking and funny examples what you could do using Java 8 and then tries to do the same obviously failing using Java 9.

— TOPIC #2 —

Comparing Golang and understanding Java Value Types

The talk compares the memory model of the Go programming language to the memory model of Java. This comparison will help Java developers understand the planned Java 10 feature: Value Types. The talk will describe how these are implemented in Go, and why they so much needed for the Java language. At the end of the presentation, the audience will also understand why Value Types cannot be extended, immutable and passed always by value.
This talk is very lucrative for the audience because it is about Go language as well as a future of the upcoming Java version that is not available yet. Both are a gem for the audience.