DevDays Europe 2019


May 14-16, 2019

Ralf Westphal

Clean Code Developer School, Germany


Ralf Westphal ( is a freelance consultant, project supervisor, speaker, author and trainer for topics related to software architecture and the organization of software teams. He co-founded the “Clean Code Developer” (CCD) initiative for more software quality (, propagates continuous learning with the CCD School ( and would like to work with to motivate more reliability. Books: 2013 | Systematically more productive and satisfied: Pragmatic steps out of work overload 2007 | .NET 3.0 compact.


Object-orientation as if you meant it

How come even after more than 25 years of mainstream object-orientation with design patterns and SOLID principles code bases are still so hard to reason about? One oft he main reasons: the undisputed prevalence of functional dependencies. Even when inverted they cause code to be difficult to understand and difficult to test.
Unfortunately this is not even what the father of object-orientation meant when he coined the term. He had something quite different in mind. So, why not go back to the roots and look at what object-orientation originally was about – and then learn from that for how we work with today’s OO languages?