DevDays Vilnius 2018




Machine Learning for Software Engineers


Wilder Rodrigues

The Netherlands

In this workshop, I would like to explore the realm of Artificial Intelligence and deep dive into one of its sub areas: Deep Learning. We will go through the theory behind Neural Networks, exploring shallow and deep nets…..

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Revealing Minds With Clean Language


Judy Rees

United Kingdom

Ever had problems with people understanding what you’re up to? It’s a constant challenge. Whether we’re communicating with executives, with customers or with other people, we need to…

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High-performance web applications with Preact


Maurice de Beijer

ABL – The Problem Solver,
The Netherlands

In this full day workshop, you will learn why and how to create a Preact application from scratch. You will learn when choosing Preact over React makes sense and when it doesn’t. Next you will learn how to create a new Pre….

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Developing Cloud Native Applications with Spring Boot, Spring Cloud, Netflix OSS and Docker


Patrick Baumgartner

42talents, Switzerland

In this workshop we theoretically and practically develop a set of collaborative microservices with Spring Cloud, Netflix OSS and Docker. Spring Cloud is a collection of tools that provide solutions to the standard….

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Building Reliable Web Apps With Elm and
Typed Functional Programming


Erik Wendel

BEKK Consulting, Norway

Elm is a typed, functional programming language that compiles to JavaScript. It’s famous for ensuring robust applications, and Elm’s wildly developer friendly compiler helps developers write elegant, long-lived and safe..

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Mob Refactoring


Pim Elshoff &
Joop Lammerts

Procurios, The Netherlands

Programmers come in all kinds and sizes. But we’ve found that there is one major distinction that keeps us from working together: attitude. Optimistic programmers tend to come up with solutions quickly, while..

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Docker for Developers – Beginners workshop


Janos Pasztor

Freelancer, Austria

Docker is the hot new thing, but to many developers it presents a challenge. This crash course into Docker takes you from creating your very first container to running multiple containers on a server in concert…..

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All about Angular


Stepan Suvorov

Studytube, The Netherlands

JavaScript/Angular masterclass will consist of 3 parts:
– basic introduction and quick warmup for non-angular people
– advanced topics for angular developers…

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