DevDays Europe 2022

Yarden Laifenfeld
Position: Software Engineer

Company: Rookout

Country: Israel


Yarden Laifenfeld is a Software Engineer at Rookout. With a deep background in C and embedded Linux environments, you can find her in the office jumping between 6 different programming languages a day. When she’s not busy developing new features and helping out clients, she loves learning about new technology, creating iOS apps and making everything she can automated.


Understanding Java’s Debugging Internals

Knowing your enemies is as important as knowing your friends. Understanding your debugger is a little of both. Have you ever wondered how Java debugging looks on the inside? On our journey to building a Java production-grade debugger, we learned a lot about its internals, quirks, and more.

During this session, we’ll share how debugging actually works in Java. We’ll discuss the Java instrumentation architecture, how Java agents are created and explain what happens in the real world with Java EE servers such as Tomcat and WebLogic. Last but not least, we will show you how to utilize this knowledge at work and up your watercooler talk game.

Session Keywords

🔑 Java
🔑 Debugging

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