DevDays Vilnius 2019


May 21-23, 2019


Yusuf Aytas

TripAdvisor, Ireland


Yusuf has 10+ years of software development experience in both early stage startups and large multinational companies. He is a daily coder, occasional blogger and one of the authors of Mastering RabbitMQ.


Big Data Tools At TripAdvisor

The TripAdvisor Data Platform evolves every day to cater needs and requirements of new challenges. We have a large scale infrastructure based on cloud and on-premise. This talk will dive into what we have done so far and what we are planning to do in the future. We are trying to build tools aiming performance and ease of use. We have developed steam log processing, data job scheduler, and data discovery tools so far.
We would like to share our experience in developing and scaling TripAdvisor’s data platform. In doing so, we would like to share which technologies and tools we are using for different tool sets.