DevDays Europe 2022

Johnny Hooyberghs

Position: Software Engineer, Consultant and Trainer

Company: Involved

Country: Belgium


Johnny Hooyberghs is a consultant for Involved since 2014 focusing on .NET architecture and backend development and a Microsoft MVP since 2020. Prior to joining Involved, he has had experience developing software for Corilus since 2008. He has been passionate about .NET ever since it was released and his areas of expertise are C#, .NET (Core), WCF, WinForms, WPF, ASP.NET (Core), Entity Framework (Core), Azure, and ALM using the Microsoft Stack. Every now and then he enjoys doing some web development using JavaScript. Since 2010, Johnny spends some of his free time teaching .NET and C# for the adult education institute CVO Antwerpen. When he’s not working or teaching, he likes some casual gaming, scuba diving, learning to play the piano, traveling the world, and visiting as many theme parks as possible.


Hands-On building Cloud Native applications with .NET 6 and Azure

Building cloud-native applications and services that will run in the cloud, both public and private, is an important decision to make in order to achieve continuous delivery, reliability, and faster time to market. In this session, we will talk about building cloud-native services for Azure, using the latest version of .NET. What are containers? What is all this Kubernetes talk? Should you use microservices for all your future projects? How do you manage your data? How do you implement logging, metrics, and secret management?

In this hands-on PreCompiler, we will build multiple .NET services, running in Docker containers and deployed into Kubernetes on Azure Kubernetes Service.

Bring your laptop with Visual Studio Code, Docker Desktop, and an active Azure Subscription (we will use paid services, make sure to have at least one of the following: a valid credit card OR an active MSDN subscription that will give you free credits to spend each month OR a brand-new Visual Studio Dev Essentials account that provides $200 in free credits for your first month).


Part 1: Theory:

    • What is cloud native?
    • .NET 6: different project templates.
    • What are containers?
    • What is container orchestration with Kubernetes?
    • What is Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS)?

Part 2: Workshop:

    • Creating containers with Visual Studio Code and .NET 6.
    • Creating Azure resources to run your containers.
    • Creating an Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) cluster and an Azure Container Registry (ACR).
    • Deploying an ASP.NET WebApi to AKS.
    • Deploying a Worker Service to AKS.
    • Deploying a Blazor app to AKS.
    • Create a public IP-address and access your cluster from the internet.

The main goal of this workshop is to introduce participants with the main concepts of cloud native development using .NET 6 and some of the Microsoft Azure services like Azure Kubernetes Service or AKS.

Target audience

The target audience includes .NET developers who are interested in cloud native development using Azure cloud services.

Technical requirements


    • or Valid MSDN Subscription with Azure Credits
    • or Visual Studio Dev Essentials with free Azure Credits
    • or a valid credit card to buy an Azure Pay As You Go subscription


    • .NET 6 SDK
    • Visual Studio Code with extensions:
      • YAML
      • C#
      • Dotnet
      • NuGet Package Manager
      • Azure Account
      • Azure CLI Tools
      • Docker
      • Kubernetes
      • Kubernetes Support
    • Azure CLI
    • Docker Desktop
      • Enable Kubernetes from Docker Desktop options
    • Helm

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