DevDays Europe 2022


Martin Förtsch

Principal Consultant

TNG Technology Consulting, Germany

PJ Hagerty

Head of DevRel

Mattermost, US

Angel Diaz-Maroto


Diaz Maroto Agile Coaching, Spain

Tomasz Manugiewicz

General Manager

Grand Parade / William Hill, Poland


Abdellfetah Sghiouar

Senior Cloud Developer Advocate

Google, Sweden

Rik Marselis

Principal Quality Consultant

Sogeti, The Netherlands

Elad Shechter

CSS, HTML Architect

Appwrite, Israel

Kris van der Mast

Solution Architect

Va\ha, Belgium

Jorge Ortiz-Fuentes

Mobile Developer Advocate

MongoDB, Spain

Molood Ceccarelli

CEO, Remote Work Expert and Agile Coach

Remote Forever

Kohsuke Kawaguchi


Launchable, US

Huseyin Babal

Senior Software Engineer

Hazelcast, Turkey

Alparslan Avci

Senior Software Developer

Zapata Computing, UK

David Pilato

Developer & Evangelist

Elastic, France

Florent Biville


Neo4j, France

Arne Lapõnin

Consultant Developer

Thoughtworks, Spain

Hugh McKee

Developer Advocate, International Speaker

Lightbend, US

Erwin Staal

Azure Architect

Xpirit, The Netherlands

Johnny Hooyberghs

Software Engineer, Consultant and Trainer

Involved, Belgium

Germanas Šamrickis

Software Engineer

Rocket Software, Lithuania

Maciej Misztal

Cloud Architect at Allegro Pay

Allegro, Poland

Nicolas Fränkel

Developer Advocate, Book Author

Apache APISIX, France

Pedro Torres

Director of Software Engineering

Salsify, Portugal

Rowdy Rabouw

Front-End Focused Senior DevOps Engineer

double-R webdevelopment, The Netherlands

Sam Bellen

Senior Developer Advocate Engineer

Auth0, Belgium

Dotan Horovits

Developer Advocate, Podcast Host, Israel

Hywel Carver

Founder & CEO

Skiller Whale, UK

Alex Thissen

CTO Cloud-native Software Development

Xpirit, The Netherlands

Michael Hladky

CEO, Austria

Yarden Laifenfeld

Software Engineer

Rookout, Israel


Principal Developer Advocate

‹div›RIOTS, France

Stacy Cashmore

Tech Explorer DevOps

Omniplan, The Netherlands

Andrzej Ludwikowski

Solution Architect

SoftwareMill, Poland

Giovanni Asproni

Co-Founder & CTO

Launch Ventures, UK

Natan Silnitsky

Backend Infra TL, Israel

Stepan Suvorov


Studytube, The Netherlands

Kate Edwards

CEO / Executive Director

Geogrify / Global Game Jam, US

Chris Condron


Event Store, US

Roy Derks

Founder, International Speaker and Book Author

Hackteam, The Netherlands

Håkan Silfvernagel

Manager AI and Big Data

Miles AS, Norway

Alberto Salazar


Advance Latam, Ecuador

Andrew Holway


Darwinist, Estonia

Mike Lehan


StuRetnts, UK

A.Mahdy Abdelaziz


ExtraVerd Oy, France

Frederieke Scheper

Java Architect and CodeSmith

Ordina JTech, The Netherlands

Magda Stożek

Software Developer

SoftwareMill, Poland

Sebastiano Galazzo

CTO, Italy

Simon Berner

Test Engineer

House of Test, Switzerland

Volodymyr Khrystianovskyy

Technology Architect

Accenture, Latvia

Roberto Freato


Witailer, Italy

More speakers are yet to come!

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