DevDays Europe 2022

Roy Derks
Position: Founder, International Speaker and Book Author

Company: Hackteam

Country: The Netherlands


Roy is an entrepreneur, speaker, and author from The Netherlands and, in his own words, ‘wants to make the world a better place through tech’. He has been giving talks and training to developers worldwide on technologies like GraphQL, React and TypeScript. Most recently he wrote the book Fullstack GraphQL.


Web Applications of the Future With TypeScript and GraphQL

Type systems like TypeScript are the next thing when developing JavaScript applications. They make sure that your props are passed in the correct form and shape throughout your application. Together with GraphQL’s query language based on types, you can create the web application of the future!

This talk will show you how to leverage the TypeScript type system to help you create a type-safe application, all based on your data coming from GraphQL. If you’re working with React and either TypeScript or GraphQL, you’ll definitely want to combine them afterward.

Session Keywords

🔑 TypeScript
🔑 GraphQL
🔑 React

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