DevDays Europe 2022


Abdellfetah Sghiouar

Google, Sweden


Service Mesh for Developers

In this talk, we will focus on the aspects of Service Mesh that matter to developers, traffic management, and observability. We will look beyond the simple mTLS most Mesh tools offer and look at how can we implement tracing, how can we monitor an app, and create a circuit breaker in a simple way by harnessing the power of Service Mesh.

Session Keywords

🔑 Service Mesh
🔑 Kubernetes
🔑 Istio

Dotan Horovits, Israel


How We Gained Observability Into Our CI/CD Pipeline

In this talk, Dotan will share how we built effective observability into our CI/CD pipeline using intelligent data collection, dashboarding and alerting, to boost our response to failures and improve our quality of life on the way.

This talk will give practical guidance on how to improve observability into your CI/CD pipeline. Whether you use Jenkins like we do, or other CI/CD tools, you’ll learn how to augment them and reach higher productivity.

Session Keywords

🔑 Observability

Elad Shechter

Appwrite, Israel


How to Create Pure CSS Games

CSS has evolved a lot over the years, with many new features, which can help us work a lot easier. Elad Shechter, who eats and drinks CSS, will show you what amazing things you missed in CSS!

Session Keywords

🔑 Web
🔑 Games

Sam Bellen

Auth0, Belgium


No Way, JOSE!

In this talk, Sam will try to explain the basics of encryption, signing, and hashing through simple examples. He’ll look into how the JOSE standard can help us with encrypted content on the web using JSON Web Encryption (JWE) and JSON Web Keys (JWK). The audience does not need any specific knowledge about cryptography as this talk will go through the basics. Some JavaScript knowledge can be useful but not necessary as code examples will be simple and explained.

Session Keywords

🔑 Security
🔑 Cryptography

Alparslan Avci

Zapata Computing, UK


Distributed Transactions in a Service Mesh

In this talk, we will discuss distributed transaction methodologies, talk about real-life scenarios, and provide a hands-on resolution in the Istio service mesh using the Hazelcast application platform. The attendees will easily understand the distributed saga pattern, backend architecture, and the topology of the solutions with live demonstrations.

Session Keywords

🔑 Microservices
🔑 Kubernetes
🔑 Service Mesh
🔑 Distributed Transactions

Hugh McKee

Lightbend, US


Key-Value, Event-Sourcing, Cqrs, Pub/Sub as a Service, Java, Javascript

In this session, we will look at how you can implement back-end app components, such as key-value, event-sourcing, CQRS, pub/sub, and more, all in an as-a-service way with Java and Akka Serverless. Also, let’s see how doing things as a service flips the ‘other stuff’/’fun stuff’ ratio from 80/20 to 20/80 or better.

Session Keywords

🔑 Serverless
🔑 Event Sourcing
🔑 JavaScript
🔑 FaaS
🔑 Java

Tomasz Manugiewicz

Grand Parade / William Hill, Poland


TDD – Trust Driven Development. How to Break the Siloes Between Dev and Ops Teams and Shorten Lead Time for Your Changes.

During this talk, Tomasz will shine the light on how to build trust between these teams, break the silos and accelerate the delivery of our product.

Session Keywords

🔑 Software Development
🔑 Trust
🔑 DevOps

Maciej Misztal

Allegro, Poland


.NET6 app hosting architecture for Kubernetes

The .NET world seems to be a bit behind when it comes to Kubernetes. We joyfully deploy new products and migrate old ones to Kubernetes without knowing how to do some of the basic Kubernetes features work. In this presentation, I will focus on integrating the lifecycle of our application with Kubernetes to ensure that it behaves as expected from the orchestrators’ perspective.

Session Keywords

🔑 .Net6
🔑 Kubernetes

Roberto Freato

Witailer, Italy


Implement a Serverless Data Analytics strategy with Microsoft Azure

After a decade of innovation around big data, distributed filesystems, data movement tools, and scalable data warehouses, Roberto wants to share his thoughts on how Microsoft Azure tries to wrap all this stuff with a few tools, like Synapse, DataLake Storage, and more. As a result, we will implement a Data Analytics strategy in a serverless mode, on a consumption-based model.

Session Keywords

🔑 Serverless
🔑 Big Data
🔑 Data Movement

More talks are yet to come!

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