DevDays Europe 2022


Pedro Torres

Salsify, Portugal

Scaling Engineering Teams – From Zero to Unicorn

After running engineering teams for more than 10 years now, Pedro has experienced scaling teams in two Unicorn companies and in two companies that went through an IPO (Initial public offering).

How did we scale the engineering teams? What were the challenges? The wins? The pitfalls? Join this talk to learn how to scale engineering teams in the most effective way.

Session Keywords

🔑 Teams
🔑 Scaling
🔑 Leadership

Rowdy Rabouw

double-R webdevelopment, The Netherlands

A Web for Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime

In this talk, Rowdy will go over common mistakes and show solutions to improve your website for persons with disabilities. He will also discuss practical examples to make websites more enjoyable and usable for every user, based on their current situation.

Session Keywords

🔑 Web
🔑 Accessibility
🔑 A11y

Hywel Carver

Skiller Whale, UK

Developing Your Developers’ Development: How Learning Can Have Impact and Why It Sometimes Doesn’t

In this talk, Hywel will talk about the existing models for learning and its effectiveness, and propose a new one: Knowledge, Skills and Wisdom, and talk about what that means for how you should plan training, what outcomes you should expect, and how you can measure them.

Session Keywords

🔑 Training
🔑 Learning

Yarden Laifenfeld

Rookout, Israel

Understanding Java’s Debugging Internals

During this session, we’ll share how debugging actually works in Java. We’ll discuss the Java instrumentation architecture, how Java agents are created and explain what happens in the real world with Java EE servers such as Tomcat and WebLogic. Last but not least, we will show you how to utilize this knowledge at work and up your watercooler talk game.

Session Keywords

🔑 Java
🔑 Debugging


‹div›RIOTS, France

The Revenge of Static Builders

It’s time to get the control back on what we deliver to our users, ensuring them the best experience they may expect without sacrificing the tools we need, the framework we want, or the features we planned. It’s time for a new era, and Astro opens the path to it.

Session Keywords

🔑 Devtools
🔑 JAMStack

Stacy Cashmore

Omniplan, The Netherlands

How to Really Work as a Team – From Sleepy to Strong Pair Programming

Stacy is going to show you how they went from this sleepy type of pair programming to being super productive when working with multiple developers on one machine!

Not the one person working, one person staring into space type of pair programming, but actually providing value to each other, making the extra effort worthwhile, and bringing extra benefits to the team as a whole.

Session Keywords

🔑 Teamwork
🔑 Development
🔑 Agile

Andrzej Ludwikowski

SoftwareMill, Poland

Event Sourcing – What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

This session is a summary of Andrzej’s experience with ES gathered while working on 5 different commercial products. Instead of theoretical aspects, he will focus on possible challenges with ES implementation. What could explode (very often with delayed ignition)? How and where to store events effectively? What are possible schema evolution solutions? How to achieve the highest level of scalability and live with eventual consistency? And many other interesting topics that you might face when experimenting with ES.

Session Keywords

🔑 Event Sourcing
🔑 Scaling

More talks are yet to come!

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