DevDays Europe 2022

Sam Bellen
Position: Senior Developer Advocate Engineer

Company: Auth0

Country: Belgium


Sam is a Google Developer Expert who works as a Developer Advocate Engineer at Auth0. At Auth0 they’re trying to make authentication and identification as easy as possible, while still keeping it secure.


No Way, JOSE!

Is your first thought when thinking about cryptography, “nope, that’s not for me!”? There’s no need to. When explained with simple examples, you can see the basics are not that complicated. The JavaScript Object Signing and Encryption, or JOSE for short is a framework that helps us deal with encryption. It describes ways to securely transfer data either signed (JWS) or encrypted (JWE). Let’s take a leap of faith and explore the wonderful world of cryptography together, shall we?

In this talk, Sam will try to explain the basics of encryption, signing, and hashing through simple examples. He’ll look into how the JOSE standard can help us with encrypted content on the web using JSON Web Encryption (JWE) and JSON Web Keys (JWK). The audience does not need any specific knowledge about cryptography as this talk will go through the basics. Some JavaScript knowledge can be useful but not necessary as code examples will be simple and explained.

Session Keywords

🔑 Security
🔑 Cryptography

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