DevDays Europe 2022

Maciej Misztal
Position: Cloud Architect at Allegro Pay

Company: Allegro

Country: Poland


A graduate of the Faculty of Power and Aeronautical Engineering, he has been programming since he was around 5 years old. So far, he has come across such languages as Basic, Pascal, C / C ++, Fortran, Ruby, Python, JS / TS, C #.

He has been associated with .NET since 2010. Starting from Silverlight and WPF, through Windows Phone, to ASP.NET / WebApi and finally ASP.NET Core.

100% self-taught, has no formal education in this field. Uses virtually every available source of knowledge and assimilates as much as possible. He is interested in issues related to DevOps, most often he can be found at the meeting point of development and DevOps-related issues, such as infrastructure, automation of builds and releases, integration with the hosting platform. H

e is a great supporter of the “infrastructure as code” approach as well as a huge fan of containerization. Privately, a sailing enthusiast – also offshore. From 2020, he is a laureate of the Microsoft MVP award.


.NET6 app hosting architecture for Kubernetes

The .NET world seems to be a bit behind when it comes to Kubernetes. We joyfully deploy new products and migrate old ones to Kubernetes without knowing how to do some of the basic Kubernetes features work. In this presentation, I will focus on integrating the lifecycle of our application with Kubernetes to ensure that it behaves as expected from the orchestrators’ perspective.

Session Keywords

🔑 .Net6
🔑 Kubernetes

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