DevDays Europe 2022


Hear it straight from the software developers what they have to say about DevDays Europe

I was really impressed by how smooth everything went overall.

Arne Laponin

Consultant Developer @ Thoughtworks

Everything was perfect, the help and support was done accurate and timely manner. Keep up the great work!

Emil Hristov

IT Professional

Despite the uncertain times, the organization team has run the event extremely well.
They made my life as a speaker super easy and I cannot thank enough the thoughtful staff for the smooth experience! I will most definitely recommend the event to everyone!

Florent Biville

Developer @ Neo4j

it has been a super-pleasant experience. Everything worked smoothly and it has been a great pleasure to work with you all and contribute to the success of a great conference.

Silvano Coriani

Program Manager @ Microsoft

I’m a conference/meetup organizer myself, I pretty much understand the effort. DevDays Team did a great job! I can think about small remarks for improvements, but no serious reprimands. I was also happy with the host, he understand the subject very well, which makes the Q&A session very well managed.

Stepan Suvorov

CTO @ Studytube

The organisation has been flawless. The conference team made me feel welcome, has been friendly and helpful. I enjoyed the energy of the participants and the content of the conference.

Luca Minudel

Lean-Agile Coach & Trainer @ SmHarter

Thank you for running the conference so smoothly – I had a great time, not only presenting, but also watching other sessions and interacting with attendees. Hope to be back soon!

Christian Wenz

CTO @ Arrabiata Solutions GmbH

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